• Stock List Updated at 17 Apr 2019 by Yip

Organizers (6 Rings)

 DMA-085 Metalworks
Beige 819pcs
Black 308pcs
Blue 963pcs
Grey 124pcs
Orange 668pcs
Red 191pcs
Turquoise 672pcs
DMA-087 Buckle Strap
Black 14pcs

80pcs reserved by Carmen(Exxon)

Blue 998pcs
Brown 0pcs
DMA-089 Masterfold
Light Grey 640pcs
DMA-090 Sleek
Brown 160pcs
Grey 295pcs
 DMA-011 Duo Line 
Black/Brown Checking~

Balance Stock need Fix~

DMA-073 Datami Organizer
Black 0pcs
Blue 40pcs
DMA-026 Masterpiece 6 Ring
Brown 15pcs
DMA-031 Button’s Up
Red 8pcs
Blue 15pcs
DMA-034 Holey Ring
Red(NEW) 0pcs
Green 60pcs
Black (W) 30pcs
Black (New) 30pcs
Maroon 35pcs
Dark Blue 6pcs
Gold 16pcs
Orange 35pcs
DMA-042 Ritz Organizer
Black 4pcs
Blue 22pcs
 DMA-014 Data Planner 
Red 5pcs
Blue 16pcs
 DMA-016  Personal Organizer
Red Smooth – 11pcs

Wood – 25pcs

Black 17pcs
 DMA-060 New Personal Organizer
Blue 9pcs
Beige/Gold 22pcs
Black 7pcs
DMA-044 D-Fabrique
Brown (75pcs)
Light Grey (2pcs)
Green (5pcs)
DMA-063 Holesome Organizer
Black 1305pcs
Red 686pcs
Dark Blue 20pcs
Tuquoise  0pcs
Orange 0pcs
Beige 340pcs
Green 20pcs
DMA-068 Metalux
Black 0pcs
Gold 24pcs
Maroon 0pcs
DMA-069 Zipnote
Black 63pcs
Blue Habis
Silver 145pcs
DMA-12  Texture Organizer
Blue 400pcs
Red 35pcs
DMA-10 Brown  Organizer Large
Red 35pcs
Black 55pcs
Brown 208pcs
DMA-04 Dot Texture Organizer
Grey 450pcs
Brown 150pcs


Diaries (Wire-O)

 DMA-084 Clickon Diary
Blue/Black 100pcs
Black/Brown 25pcs
Brown/Black 325pcs
Green/Black 370pcs
Red/Black 18pcs
DMA-088 Starclip
Red 48pcs
Blue 606pcs
Silver 1025pcs
Green 890pcs
Orange 740pcs
Yellow 865pcs
DMA-088B Starclip (011)
Brown 4994pcs
 DMA-062 Cotton’s Up Diary
Black 0pcs
Red 450pcs
Blue 90pcs
 DMA-027  Pen Grip
Green (200pcs)
Orange (340pcs)
D.Blue (414pcs)
 DMA-028 Raindrop 
 Pink 585pcs
Green Checking
Light Blue 60pcs
Navy Blue 115pcs
DMA-036 Compact planner

Data Planner Wire-O

Gold 9pcs
Silver 30pcs
DMA-037 Wire-O Masterpiece
Brown 48pcs
DMA-048 Oak Diary
Brown 1280pcs
Dark Grey 1000pcs
Apple Green 190pcs
DMA-051 Angle Flap Diary
Black/Red 0pcs
D.Blue/L.Blue 90pcs
DMA-052 Cloaked Diary
Red 265pcs
Black 0pcs
Blue 0pcs
Bronze 0pcs
Orange 0pcs
DMA-055 2-Tone Foam Sheet
Red 250pcs
Purple 0pcs
Orange 0pcs
Maroon 125pcs
Blue 144pcs

152pcs reserved by Steph(Share Mind)

 DMA-056 Premium Foam Sheet 
 Red 0pcs
Purple 0pcs
Orange 10pcs
Maroon 0pcs
Light Blue 0pcs
DMA-059  Pocket Diary
Red 0pcs
Blue 0pcs
Purple 0pcs
Orange 0pcs
DMA-076 Koryo Diary
Beige 232pcs
Black 168pcs
Blue 192pcs
Red 148pcs
DMA-081 Classic Diary
Black 38pcs
Brown (Maroon) 574pcs
Blue 0pcs

ALL 982pcs reserved by Yip

Silver 130pcs
DMA-030 Leather Wire-O
Black Wood 1710set
Brown 61set
Black Smooth 1755set
DMA-032 Denim PU Diary
Red 845pcs
Blue 30pcs
Grey 10pcs
Orange 680pcs
DMA-079 PUPP Diary
Silver 1400set
Beige/Pearl 700set
Bronze 600set
Black Smooth 2575set
DMA-064 Magnetic Flap  
Red 212pcs
Maroon 220pcs
Orange 252pcs
Blue 44pcs


Perfect Bind

Stock Inner
EN (A5) Checking…
Lines (A5) Checking…
Blank (A5) Checking…
Lines (China) Checking…
PPD (Slim) Checking…
Lines (Slim) Checking…
DMA-092 Zipa
Black 1274pcs
Blue 2859pcs

81pcs reserved by Carmen(Printman)

DMA-097 Starskin
Blue 520pcs reserved by Carmen(Printman)
DMA-086 Lassoskin
Beige 200pcs
Blue 920pcs
Grey 625pcs
Red 815pcs
DMA-091 Lassofold
Black 0pcs
Turquoise 456pcs
Orange 440pcs
Blue 825pcs
Beige 849pcs
Red 877pcs

30pcs reserved by Yip(Vincent)

DMA-093 Alexis
Orange 120pcs
Turquoise 128pcs
Red 385pcs
PixelBlue 870pcs
Black 915pcs
Purple 360pcs
Green 390pcs
DMA-094 Lexslim
Orange Checking
Turquoise 1090pcs
Red 1230pcs
Blue 500pcs
Black 1210pcs
Purple 1055pcs
Green 915pcs
DMA-095 Angelskin
Grey 2010pcs
Red 4715pcs
Beige 1790pcs
Orange 714pcs

301pcs reserved by Zhen(workday)

DMA-096 Woventex
Blue 1823pcs
Black 2090pcs

50pcs reserved by Carmen(Totalife)

Cyan 1725pcs
Green 2050pcs
DMA-43 Twist Buckle
Black 1150pcs
DMA-39 Thermo Skin (Small)
Orange 450pcs

100pcs reserved by YY(ATB)

DMA-03(A5) A5 Size Thermo Skin
Brown Smooth 25pcs
Dark Blue Wood 100pcs
Gold Smooth 490pcs
Orange Smooth 55pcs
Grey Smooth 115pcs with Pen Loop
Green Smooth 22pcs
DMA-03 Thermo Skin (Smooth) China Size
Red  1499pcs

1000pcs reserved by Ray(BeeKay)

Dark Blue 3708pcs

251pcs reserved by Steph(pantai)

Black Mosha 4559pcs (otw)

50pcs reserved by Carmen(Archer)

40pcs reserved by Lydia

300pcs reserved by Zhen(Sermaju-FLEX)

300pcs reserved by Carmen(PNB)

51pcs reserved by JJ(Kelvion)

Cyan @ Light Blue 610pcs
Orange smoothNew Color 80pcs with pen holder lines only already cased in one….
Turquoise 983pcs

502pcs reserved by Carmen(LifeQode)

 DMA-061 Lexes Notebook
Black 1291pcs

250pcs reserved by Carmen(SP)

1001pcs reserved by Carmen(Magnitube)

150pcs reserved by Ray(21Mar)

Red 2380pcs
Blue 2445pcs
Turquoise Habis
Beige Habis
Apple Green (NEW!) Habis
DMA-067 Duo Texx Planner
Black 73pcs
Blue 1115pcs
Gold 0pcs
Red 665pcs
DMA-082 Slim Texx Notebook
Red 300pcs
Black 1770pcs
Blue 1330pcs
Bronze 1150pcs
DMA-083 Mosha Slim Notebook Smooth (New Size)
Black 288pcs

202pcs reserved by Zhen(HICOM)

DMA-053 Tri-Fold
D.Grey 1536pcs
L.Grey 402pcs
Black Checking!!!
DMA-054 Slim Moleskin
D.Grey 778pcs

1002pcs reserved by YY(TRX)

L.Grey 2340pcs
Black 2960pcs
DMA-066 Styloskin notebook
L. Blue 420pcs
D. Blue 0pcs
Black 60pcs

200pcs reserved by Lydia

Red 0pcs
 DMA-066B Cooper 
Beige  513pcs

502pcs reserved by Steph(17Apr)

Black 530pcs
Blue  550pcs
 Orange 80pcs
Red 1600pcs
Turquoise 350pcs
DMA-029 Soft Skin Notebook
Red 50pcs
Dark Blue 45pcs
Light Blue 800pcs

Stock need fast fast OUT!!!

Black 0pcs
Bronze 1100pcs

Stock need fast fast OUT!!!

Green 980pcs

Stock need fast fast OUT!!!