EMPIRE DIARY is made up of a bunch of youngster who believes in revolutionize the diary industry by providing new and modern designs of notebooks, folders, organizers and daily planners. Our thoughtfully-crafted diary designs hopes to capture and attract consumers at the same time creating a trend that will preserve the tradition of journaling and writing.

OUR LOGO is derived from the alphabet E and D, the three tabs represents our aim to focus on notebooks, organizers and planners. Why orange? It’s a colour which represents youth, fun, energetic and creativity, which represents much of what we believe in!

AT EMPIRE, we aim to treat our clients like kings and queens, if you want to see our production or product in our newly renovated showroom, do drop by at our factory cum showroom in Taman Perindustrian Tago. If you wish to see us face to face, we are delighted to fix an appointment to meet up for a discussion at your location!

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Our Team

Ray Chew

+6 012 357 5550


+6 012 2292 913

Siew Ling

+6 012 2292 827


+6 016 2292 840


+6 03 6263 2063


+6 03 6263 2063